About us

Boost Beyond Boundaries



Rapid research, development, and commercialization of new drugs based on the unmet medical need of patients centered on their clinical experience and promotion of patient happiness as a companion beyond treatment.


Growing into a global biotech group leading innovative progress in the treatment of intractable diseases

Core Values

  • People First

    • o Our first management philosophy is  ‘Opportunities and values come from people.’ There is an open field of endless possibilities for talent, suppliers, and companies to grow together. 
  • Creative exploration

    • o Detect and adapt to change, and engage in innovation, even in common ideas, through creative and integrative exploration.
  • Optimal Performance

    • o Choose the path having the highest probability of success through a complicated maze and achieve the goal by producing outstanding results.
  • Integrity Management

    • o Create a culture that encourages strong trust within our customers and shareholders through ethical management and by observing and following strong integrity and fairness.
  • Coexistent Cooperation

    • o Value teamwork within the company and pursue coexistence and cooperation to contribute locally, nationally, and globally.